George Cooper (Electrician)​

George started working for E.L.P. when the firm was in its infancy, within 6 months of incorporation of the business, Nick could see with foresight the business was working out well and work was steadily coming in and he could work more efficiently with an apprentice, allowing the firm more flexibility plus making way for the next generation tradesman that George has become.

Nick recruited George who already had been accepted by Bracknell & Wokingham College with a college place in the bag, but George was unable to get a placement on a firm. George successfully negotiated our selection process and after the interviews, was the successful candidate & offered an apprenticeship.

Within months of commencement of his training, George showed 100% commitment to his apprenticeship and to date has an impressive track record, he is never sick or Ill in nearly 6 years he has only had 3 days sick, never missed a day at college and totally committed to his further education to complete his training and qualified.

Just prior to completion of his basic apprenticeship, about 3 months from the end, there was a new edition of the wiring regulations (the 18th Edition) published and brought into use, Nick insisted George continued with the academic aspect of his trade enrolling George onto the new regulations course to ensure his technical knowledge is as current and well founded as it can be. Happily, George sailed through the final exam first time and currently is being coached towards a design course by Nick which will be happening in the future.

During George’s training Nick emphasised to him that the opportunity to work with other trade professionals is an opportunity to learn other tradesmen’s methodology & working styles, and to “pick and mix” his personal style of working from different tradesmen, so moving forward he can develop his own personal style of working that he will find works best for him during his career.

George is a diligent and committed team player who cares about his work and the business that trained & employs him.

Now the team grows ever larger enabling us to have more satisfied customers.

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